From the Mind of Brandon Iron...
Check out the hardcore action as all these beautiful sluts get banged by
a lucky guy before getting creamed over and over again by at least 10 guys!!
Be warned... it gets messy!!!
Brianna Love 00:20:00 77
Lovely Brianna Love is very horny today and looking for some cocks. Well, i couldn't just leave her like this so we drove around in my truck and found a couple of guys who were willing to help her out. Even after she got blowbanged like crazy and was covered with cum, SHE WANTED MORE!
Riley Shy 00:22:39 61
Riley Shy has a weird name to be in the porn industry, more so to be a covermyface girl. Unless her demure nature evaporates when faced with five hard cocks. Seeing her covered with cum and a fist raised in victory makes me think i might be right...
Stacee Morgan 00:20:26 81
Stacey Morgan, a pretty nineteen years old cutie from Michigan, is on a mission! She's here to suck the semen out of five hard cocks so she can have her face covered with cum. Roxy West will appear briefly at the end of the scene to help her clean herself by licking the jizz off her face...
Aqua Hazel 00:17:29 54
It's Aqua Hazel's second scene and she's never been with that many men before. By the way she looks surrounded by that many cocks, i'd say she was ready for such an experiment...
Molly 00:18:41 99
Molly got to suck maybe four or five guys before she got into porn. Well Molly, you're gonna equal that score in one shoot! Open up and say ahhhhh...
Carmel Moore 00:18:35 75
Carmel Moore is a pretty twenty-one years old brunette from England. She came all the way to the States for a challenge she says. Well Carmel, get down on you knees, here's a tasty and creamy challenge!
Faceblaster 00:22:27 99
Brooke Scott is an amazing young woman with breasts so beautiful that it makes Brandon say her name should rhyme with boobs. Boobs or not, she's here today for one reason and it's to have her face covered with cream! Stand in line boys...
Brianna Love 00:45:27 93
Are you a fan of Texas hold em'? If you're like me, you really like it because you can hang out with friends. Well, Brianna Love is a big fan of Texas hold em', also mostly because she can hang (or should i say bang?) out with friends, lots of friends. The only thing is they're not betting chips... Hey Brianna, did you get more than what you bargained for?
Isabella Pacino 00:22:34 94
Isabella is a lovely nineteen years old girl who's doing her first scene in the porn industry. She's gonna get some action from three guys before having her face covered with cum. "Did you ever had this much cum on your face before?", Brandon asks her. "NO....." she replies. Well Isabella, this is only a first...
Aubrey Adams 00:35:58 100
Aubrey Adams is a petite 4'10'' eighteen years old girl who used to study in fashion. This girl is never satiated when it comes to sucking cocks. Watch as four waves of guys successively cover her face with creamy warm semen...
Richelle Ryan 00:25:19 108
Richelle Ryan comes upon Brandon on the streets with an hair dryer: "Give me your cock, i know you got a cock in there!". What! "You're holding guys up with an hair dryer!", Brandon says. "I guess you're not fooling around, are you?" "No baby! I want to suck some fucking cocks today! You got some friends?" she replies, a naughty look on her face. Don't worry Richelle, Brandon has lots of friends...
Isabel Ice 00:48:45 99
Brandon and his girlfriend, aka Isabel Ice, go to couples therapy. Things are not as they used to be between the two of them and counseling seem like a good option to bring the flame back into their life. The counselor has a few ideas in mind, things he has to show personally with a couple of friends...
Trisha Marx 00:14:43 60
Trisha is hired as a hair stylist but the guys think she doesn't have what it takes. She's asked if she has any other skills that would be good for the company. "I can think of one, yes..." she says. "Wich one?", Brandon quickly replies. "Blowjobs!" Trisha follows. "What kind of blowjobs?" Brandon says. "Nasty ones..." Get on your knees girl!
Presley Maddox 00:21:26 102
Presley Maddox is a very pretty nineteen years old girl with an amazing butt! She's only been in the business for two days and has never been with five guys before. "What makes you want to be with five guys?" Brandon asks. "I like cocks, so the more the merrier!" she quickly replies. Oh yeah! the more the merrier... or the merrier the more you're covered!
Barbie Cummings 00:18:42 101
Barbie Cummings has a body from heaven! Look at her nice ass and her amazing boobs! She used to work at Hooters but got fired when they found out she was working in the porn industry. Well, she knows only one thing to say when cum is splattered on her face, "More!", "More!", "Give me more!" she keeps on saying. "Dinner's served!" replies Brandon with a smile...
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